Chatterbox Mascot

Welcome to Chatterbox Setup

Now that you've built your Chatterbox, let's set up wifi and get it activated. We'll be doing this using a process called "Data over Audio." You can think of this kind of like a QR code for sound.

Wifi Setup Over Audio

We are going to use Audio QR codes to magically communicate WiFi setup information to Chatterbox.

Enter your wifi name and password, then click CHIRP.

Suggestion: Adjust your computer's volume to a low setting before clicking Chirp Wifi.

Activate Device

Now that your chatterbox is connected to the internet it needs to be activated

Please wait for Chatterbox to give a "paired success" message before clicking next.

Connect to Chatterbox

Push the yellow button and ask Chatterbox, "What is my personal code?"

Type your personal code below to connect to Chatterbox.


For Chatterboxes made prior to July 1, 2023, please use our legacy setup: